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How to qualify for Wholesale Pricing*

1. Click here to complete our Wholesale Registration form and upload a copy of your tax ID. Please use the email address you prefer to be contacted with when you register because this is how we will communicate with you.

2. Upload a copy of your state tax exempt documents to show that you are exempt from taxes. Every state or country is different and you should know which documents to send to us. For the few states that do not have state sales tax, please send us the documents the government has issued to you. If you are unable to upload your tax documents, please email a copy to  Taking a picture of your tax documents with a smart phone is also acceptable.

3. After your qualifying documents have been received and reviewed, we will contact you with our decision via the email address you provided when you registered on our website.

4.Your business must be glass related! If your business is a car repair, realtor, construction company, etc., you will not qualify.

*We reserve the right to decide whether or not a business qualifies for discounted pricing!

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