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How to Make Glass Powder Wafers

Fall Leaves Powder Wafer Dish

This learning guide takes you through the process of creating fused glass powder wafers out of powdered frit!  Once you have the technique down you can make virtually and glass shape you want. When making glass wafers you have to remember that you are constructing them in reverse. Meaning what is touching the kiln shelf is actually the top side of the glass wafer.  The maple leaf in this example was constructed by sifting powder to create the vein of the leaf and then sifting powder to create the actual leaf itself.  When making more complex glass wafers you have to think about them in terms of layers.
Click here for PDF version: How to Make Glass Powder Wafers.pdf
Click here for PDF version of template: Maple Leaf Pattern Template.pdf

Materials Available on JubileeCreative.comHousehold / Miscellaneous Items

ü Carbon Paper
ü Card Stock
ü Scissors / Ruler / Pencil 
ü Spoon
ü Dust Mask
ü Nail File/Emery Board 
Make Powder Wafer Template
Step 1: Layer card stock, carbon paper, and template pattern on top of each other. In this example there is a leaf vein and a leaf template. Using a sharp pencil or pen, transfer the pattern of the leaf vein and the leaf to the card stock.  The templates should be kept separate from one another since they will be used individually to create the leaf vein and leaf.
Step 2: Using a Cut Rite utility knife, X-acto knife, or razor blade, carefully cut around the outline of the leaf and leaf vein. Use a scissors to trim the card stock to 1” around the leaf and vein templates.  Bend two opposite corners toward the center of the template to create a handle on the template.
Be Safe! It is very important to work in a well ventilated area and wear a dusk mask at all times when working with powdered frit. Always clean the work space with a damp cloth when finished to pick up the powder residue that has drifted off the kiln shelf and other work space areas.
Make Powder Wafer Vein
Step 3: Set the vein template on kiln washed prepared kiln shelf. Note: We are building the leaf in reverse order so the vein is sifted first. Place a small amount of powdered frit into the sifter. Hold the sifter over the vein template.  Using the spoon handle rub the handle of the sifter back and forth.  This motion will sift the powder onto the template without you having to move the sifter around a whole lot. Cover the entire vein template with the powdered frit.  The powder should be 1/16” thick. Carefully lift the vein template off of the kiln shelf. Discard the powder that is still on the template. What is left on the kiln shelf should be the powder outline of the vein.
Make the powder leaf
Step 4: Center the leaf outline template over the powder leaf vein that was just sifted.   Create leaves of varying color by sifting a one color at a time, dumping the left over frit in the sifter back into the jar.  Note: Do not lift up the leaf outline template until you have sifted all of colors you intend to use.  Once all colors have been sifted the leaf should be approximately 1/16” thick.  You can then carefully remove the template and discard the unused frit. 
We used the following colors of frit to make the leaves in this example.

• FR21176-P Chocolate Brown for the leaf vein
• FR782-P Olive Green Translucent, FR22672-P Lemongrass Opaque, FR2672-P Sunflower Yellow Opaque, FR171-P Light Orange Translucent, and FR2502-P Red Opaque for the orange looking leaves
• FR782-P Olive Green Translucent and FR22672-P Lemongrass Opaque for the green looking leaves

The leaves in the fused plate example at the beginning of this guide are all combinations of the different powders we used in this example.
Fired Powder Wafer
Step 5: Once all of the leaves have been sifted on your kiln shelf they are ready to be fired. Use the below firing schedule to fire powder wafers. Fired powder wafers will not be very glossy when you remove them from the kiln. The firing is only to fuse the powder frit together.  Powder wafers can be used as a design element in any of your fused art glass projects.Powder wafers are very delicate after they have been fired.  Further shaping and clean up can be accomplished using a nail file / emery board. Gently rinse powder wafers before using them as a design element in other projects.
Learn, Create, and Amaze family and friends with the new technique you have just learned!
Powder Wafer Firing Shedule
Target Temperature
Hold Time
600º F per hour
1310º F
5 minutes
Turn Kiln Off
Room Temperature
Maple Leaf Vein Pattern
Maple Leaf Pattern