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Fused Basket Weave Soap Dish
Skill Level: Beginner
Firings: Full Fuse, Slump 


Project Steps: 

   Fused Basket Weave Texture Soap Dish
Fused Soap Dish Step 1  
Step 1

Cut SP100SFS Clear fusible glass into 2 - 3” x 5” rectangles.

Apply 2 - 3 coats of mold wash on the basket texture mold. Let dry between coats.

Fused Soap Dish Step 2  
Step 2

 Use a black marker to mark noodles at 3/8” intervals. 


Fused Soap Dish Step 3  
Step 3

Nip each noodle at the marks using a mosaic nipper or score with a glass cutter and break apart.

Clean nipped noodle pieces and clear glass with alcohol or dish soap and dry.


Fused Soap Dish Step 4  
Step 4

Place nipped noodles in rows as shown alternating noodle colors.

There are 13 rows and 11 columns. 

Fused Soap Dish Mold  
Step 5

Using your fingers or nipper, break stringers approximately 3 inches long. Glue a stringer on top of each nipped noodle column.

Lay both SP100SFS clear glass rectangles cut in Step 1 on top of the noodles and stringers.

Fused Soap Dish Step 6
Step 6

Place weave mold on kiln posts and full fuse.

Place full fused soap dish in a prepared slumping mold. Put mold on kiln posts and slump. 

Materials We Used

Fusible Glass 

Reusable Glass Molds

 Fusing Supplies

Fusing Tools

Glass Working Tools

Other Supplies







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