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BubbleART Paint: Sapphire Blue - 1 ounce jar

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Bubble Art Glass Paint - Sapphire Blue
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Item Number: BA5043
Size: 1 ounce jar
Sapphire Blue BubbleART glass paint is lead free (non-toxic) and is earth friendly. Bubble paints are translucent/transparent colors that were designed to be fused between two layers of glass to create bubbles. Bubble paints produce different results based on how they are used. Use a liner brush to paint lines on the glass leaving space between them will produce a line of bubbles. Solid areas will be all over bubbles. Placing dots of color will result in a small collections of bubbles. BubbleART can also be used on top of glass. When fired on top of glass the paint leaves a textured look and feel. Some colors will be transparent and others will be opaque when used on top of glass.
Mixing: Mix 1 to 1 with GM300 Glass Medium. You can add more GM300 Glass Medium to change the consistency which can change the color intensity. Shake the jar of bubble paint before mixing with glass medium. These colors are much more gritty than the original glass color line. The gritty particles will create intense color, if desired pick some of the gritty particles off the wet color before it dries. The heavier the color is put on the darker it will be. The thinner it is put on the lighter in color it will be. Note: Using bubble paints on float glass (window glass) tends to produce larger bubbles. Using bubble paints on COE 90 or 96 COE you will get smaller bubbles.
Firing: Fire float glass between 1425-1550 F. Firing COE 96 glass to 1485 F tends to shrink the glass but the bubbles are a little larger than firing to 1450 F with a 2 minute hold. COE 96 glass fired to 1450 F is a nice full fuse of 2 layers of glass but the bubbles can be small. Each kiln is different and we recommend testing the bubble paints in your kiln before starting a large project.
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